Sermon Sampler

We hope these sermons will introduce you to preaching at MGCC. 
Come, study, reflect upon, and enjoy God's Word and promises with us!

What Are You Looking For?
John 20: 1-18
Easter Sunday

Jesus seeks to build a close relationship with us - not unwavering agreement to a set of beliefs - and reaches out to us, meeting us where we are.

At His Word
John 4: 43-54

Like the Roman soldier who turned to Jesus seeking healing for his dying son, as we walk through the trials of life, we can take Jesus at His word, to be present with us in our fears and provide the grace we need.

Bring Them To Jesus
John 6:1-13

Bring your doubts, longings, fears, and abilities - all that you have and all that you are - to Jesus, and trust in the life-giving, life-sustaining, life-transforming power of the risen Christ.