Our worship reflects our reformed tradition that focuses on the

proclamation of the Good News,

sharing of the sacraments , celebrating our relationships

with God, others and the world.

As a community church we have diverse experiences,

theologies and expressions of faith.          

We celebrate life in all its complexities and stages through worship.

We offer and share sacramental and special services

- communion, baptisms, weddings and funerals,

for our members and the larger community.

Sunday Worship

Our worship weaves together, inspiring music, prayer, scripture and a reflective message on the day's Scripture

that enhances our experience of God's presence, love, and guidance for our lives.

We celebrate the sacrament of the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every month, and all are welcome to partake.

Sunday worship begins at 10:00 am,

and is followed by a time of fellowship with refreshments.

Children are always welcome in worship and all activities of the church.

Worship attire is casual.

Our sanctuary and common areas are accessible to those with mobility impairments and  are air conditioned.

Accommodations for those with visual and hearing impairments are available.


     We celebrate the salvation offered by God

through His Son Jesus, with the Sacraments of Holy Communion (the Lord's Supper) and Baptism .

We celebrate this sacrament on the first Sunday of each month and on special days within liturgical seasons.

Communion is conducted by intinction or served to participants, by elders of the church.

Anyone seeking the saving grace of Jesus,

is invited to join in the sacrament and celebration of the Lord's Supper.

In Baptism  we celebrate the love of God for all and the forgiveness of sins

through Jesus Christ and the giving of gifts through the Holy Spirit.

Seasonal Celebrations

We love and worship the Lord the whole year through,

and we set aside special times to remember the life, death and resurrection of

Jesus Christ and reflect on our relationship with Him. 

To recognize these times, we create special worship, fellowship, learning and service opporutnities.

We hope you'll join us

Keep an eye out on our website for these special times or contact the church office for details:


Special Celebrations

God blesses us with abundance,

sometimes abundance of joy and sometimes abundance of sorrow.

In either case, we are called to celebrate God's power and presence in our lives

and we do this in communion with God and our brothers and sisters in Christ and beyond.

We are blessed and healed by God's love and our love for each other during the many transitions in our lives.

We hope that you will see our church as a place to share in your graceful transitions.

You may contact the church office for more information.






Special Occasions



Our worship services are so very special to us

and we'd like to share some of our regular joyful celebration with you.

Please praise with some of our music and reflect with Pastor Farias' sermons.